Freitag, Juni 25, 2004


OC4J Remote deployment with dcmctl Commands

I get often the question how to deploy a J2EE App. remotely to IAS. Here are two examples to that:

java.exe -Djava.protocol.handler.pkgs=HTTPClient -jar d:\jdev9052\jdev\lib\oc4j_remote_deploy.jar ias_admin PASSWORD redeploy F:\ora10g\midtier F:\test\deploy\helloOracle.ear helloOracle home


Protocol: -Djava.protocol.handler.pkgs=HTTPClient
Deploy Utility: eg. d:\jdev9052\jdev\lib\oc4j_remote_deploy.jar
MidtierDeployServlet incl. EM port:
IAS-Username: ias_admin
Password: PASSWORD
Option eg: redeploy, listApplications ... (any dcmctl option is possible"
Midtier ORACLE_HOME Directory: eg.
EAR-File: F:\test\deploy\helloOracle.ear
AppName eg: helloOracle
InstanceName: home

or use the following ANT-Task:

<java jar="${jdeveloper.dir}/jdev/lib/oc4j_remote_deploy.jar" fork="yes">
<jvmarg value="-Djava.protocol.handler.pkgs=HTTPClient" />
<arg value="http://remote_server:1810/Oc4jDcmServletAPI/" />
<arg value="ias_admin" />
<arg value="PASSWORD" />
<arg value="redeploy" />
<arg value="${ias_oracle_home.dir}/" />
<arg value="${build.dir}/${name}.ear" />
<arg value="${appname}" />
<arg value="OC4J_XXXXINSTANCEName" />

Here an other example to query DCM with the listApplications paramter:

F:\jdev9051\jdk\jre\bin\javaw.exe -Djava.protocol.handler.pkgs=HTTPClient -jar F:\jdev9051\jdev\lib\oc4j_remote_deploy.jar http://testhost:1811/Oc4jDcmServletAPI/ ias_admin **** listApplications D:\ora10g\midtier

All commands will interpreted form the Oracle Application Server Servlet deployed in the home OC4J instance.


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