Donnerstag, August 19, 2004


JSF Facet contra UIX Named Children

JSF introduce facet (<f:facet name="header">) tag to address elements inside a parent tag and have control over it. This is a anti pattern for general XML developer and very badly to handle with other specs. as XMLSchema.
Old UIX implementation use for that a more common XML syntax (<f:heander>) and name this named children . Index children are the opposite and used to arrange each elements in a sequence For this UIX (old impl.) use the ((<contents>). Tag. Unfortunately Oracle UIX / JSF implementation must also use the new facet syntay to be spec compliant.


UIX as JSF Beta Available

Now Oracles UIX technology has been converted to the new JSF API. Here you will find the Early Access Release. I am very happy to found most old features in JSF implementation.

In the past it was very hard to persuade developer to use UIX even though the UIX architetrue is very similar. Now with the magic word JSF it's very easy :-)

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