Montag, Januar 17, 2005


OC4J Debuglevel

-verbosity is my favorite OC4J startparameter to get OC4J debug output. The range is defined from 1-10:

$JAVA_HOME/java -jar oc4j.jar -verbosity 10

Today I need a additional parameter to get more information about the used DataSource:

java -Ddatasource.verbose=true -Dhttp.session.debug=true -jar oc4j.jar -verbosity

HTTP Debugging

JDBC Debugging

EJB Debugging

RMI Debugging

Donnerstag, Januar 13, 2005


Get the serialized ADF-RowKey in uiXML

Within a UIX-Table you can get the serialized ADF-RowKey with the EL-Expression ${uix.current.rowKeyStr}. This undocumented feature allow you to bind the key to a link for table actions instead to use the singleSelection element:

Example to delete a row with a link into each table row:

<link text="${uix.current.EmployeeId.attributeValue}">
<boundAttribute name="destination">
<contextProperty select="ui:contextURI"/>
<fixed text="/"/>
<dataObject source="${uix.current.rowKeyStr}"/>
<fixed text="&event=delete"/>

Mittwoch, Januar 12, 2005


How to use the JAZN API to manage OC4J users

Here is a sample code to change the password in the jazn.xml file in usage of the JAZN API:

changeJaznUserPassword(String realm, String userName, String password){

RealmManager realmMgr = JAZNContext.getRealmManager();
Realm realm = realmMgr.getRealm(realm);
UserManager userMgr = realm.getUserManager();
RealmUser user = userMgr.getUser(userName);

XMLRealmUser xmlrealmuser = (XMLRealmUser)realm.getUserManager().getUser(userName);
if(xmlrealmuser == null)
throw new Exception("The specified user does not exist in the system.");
xmlrealmuser.setCredentials(userPwd, serRepeatedPwd);

// to refresh automaticlly you must set the property "external.synchronization = true" in jazn.xml - see previous blog


How to tell a running OC4J to refresh external updated Users (jazn-data.xml)

To tell a running OC4J instance to refresh the cached users after updating the jazn-data.xml manually, you must set the following parameter in the jazn.xml file

<property name="external.synchronization" value="true">

see also jazn documentation:

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