Mittwoch, Juli 13, 2005


WISIF - BPEL Java Binding Error

Within WISIF Java Binding you get properly an compile error for methode binding without paramters (eg. public Boolean ping();) like following:

[Error ORABPEL-10902]: compilation failed [Description]: in "bpel.xml", XML parsing failed because "notification operation not supported.In WSDL at MyService.wsdl", operation "ping" of portType "{}RLPortType" is a notification operation (The endpoint sends a message), which is not supported in this version. See chapter 2.4 of WSDL spec 1.1.Make sure the operation is "one-way" type or "request-response" type.". [Potential fix]: n/a.

To solve this problem you must define an message for empty parameters within portType section:

<message name="myPingRequest"> </message>
<message name="myPingResponse">
<part name="pingOutput" type="xsd:boolean"/>

<portType name="myPortType">
<operation name="ping">
<input name="myPingRequest" message="tns:myPingRequest"/>

<output name="myPingResponse" message="tns:myPingResponse"/>

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